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World Bank Praises Amadeo’s Coffee Industry, Giving High Marks

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In a significant boost to the Philippine coffee sector, World Bank representatives have lauded a coffee processing and trading project in Amadeo, Cavite.

The project, funded by the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP), has caught the attention of global finance experts.

Project director Engr. Redelliza Gruezo emphasized the importance of this recognition, stating, “The World Bank’s acknowledgment of Cavite’s coffee industry is a game-changer. It’s set to catalyze positive developments across the entire Philippine coffee sector.”

Recently, World Bank delegates conducted an official visit to the Café Amadeo Development Cooperative.

The visit focused on discussing the cooperative’s operations and management, its project development partners, and the broader coffee industry in Amadeo.

The endorsement comes at a crucial time for the Philippine coffee industry, which has been seeking to strengthen its position in the global market.

The World Bank’s positive assessment is expected to attract further investments and support for local coffee producers.

The recognition of Amadeo’s coffee industry underscores the potential of rural development projects in driving economic growth and improving livelihoods in agricultural communities across the Philippines.

As the coffee industry in Amadeo continues to grow, it may serve as a model for other regions looking to develop their agricultural sectors with international support and recognition.

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