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COA Reveals Irregularities in P6.2-M LGU Kawit’s Office Supply Purchases

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In a recent audit of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Kawit, Cavite, Philippines, the Commission on Audit (COA) has uncovered potential irregularities in the procurement and recording of office supplies.

The audit, focusing on transactions made in 2020, raises questions about the proper management of the Special Education Fund (SEF) and adherence to government accounting regulations.

According to the COA report, office supplies purchased in 2020 using the SEF, amounting to ₱6,218,562.00, were recorded as outright expenses which appears to contradict Sections 188, 189, and 190 of the Government Accounting Manual (GAM) for Local Government Units (LGUs).

The audit findings indicate that these purchases were not properly supported with the required Report of Supplies and Materials Issued (RSMI) and Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS).

COA said the oversight has cast doubt on the validity of the distribution and the accuracy of the balances of Office Supplies Expenses, which totaled ₱6,221,562.00 in the SEF books as of December 31, 2020.

The COA report details specific purchases, including:

  • Various office supplies for 13 schools: ₱998,562.00
  • 6,500 reams of bond paper A4: ₱1,638,000.00
  • 2,000 reams of bond paper Legal size: ₱548,500.00
  • 1,500 reams of mimeographing paper: ₱438,000.00
  • 23,000 pieces of plastic expanded envelopes: ₱1,748,000.00
  • 450 tubes of RISO SF ink type and 30 rolls RISO SF master F type: ₱847,500.00

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