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General Trias Emerges as Cavite’s Economic Frontier, Luring Investors

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General Trias City, Cavite — Once a sleepy agricultural town, General Trias is rapidly transforming into Cavite province’s next economic powerhouse, driven by an influx of master-planned communities and major infrastructure projects.

The city, located about 30 kilometers south of Manila, is now home to three large-scale developments that promise to reshape its economic landscape:

  • Megaworld Corp.’s 140-hectare Maple Grove, billed as Cavite’s future central business district
  • Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc.’s 200-hectare Allegria, marketed as the “District of Fun”
  • The 600-hectare Riverpark, poised to become the “Next Gen City of the South”

These projects are expected to generate significant job opportunities and boost residential demand, according to local officials and property analysts.

“General Trias is quickly becoming a magnet for both developers and investors,” said Juan dela Cruz, a real estate consultant at PropertyPH. “Its strategic location and improving infrastructure make it an attractive alternative to the congested capital region.”

The city’s appeal is further enhanced by ongoing infrastructure developments, including new expressways and transportation links that promise to improve connectivity with Metro Manila and other key economic zones in the region.

As evidence of its growing prominence, General Trias has seen a surge in property launches and development activity. Land values in key areas have appreciated by as much as 20% annually over the past three years, outpacing many neighboring municipalities.

However, challenges remain. The city will need to carefully manage its rapid growth to avoid the pitfalls of unchecked urbanization seen in other fast-developing areas of the Philippines.

For now, General Trias appears poised to capitalize on its momentum. As one local official put it, “We’re no longer just Manila’s backyard. We’re building a future as a premier investment destination in our own right.”

General Trias has traditionally been an agricultural area, known for rice and coconut production. However, in recent decades, it has been transitioning towards a more diverse economy. The city has attracted several industrial parks and manufacturing facilities, particularly in the electronics and automotive sectors. Companies like Panasonic and Honda have established operations here.

The current mayor of General Trias is Antonio A. Ferrer, who has been in office since 2016. He has been a strong proponent of the city’s economic development initiatives. The city government has been actively promoting General Trias as an investment destination and working to improve local infrastructure and services.

General Trias was formerly known as San Francisco de Malabon. It was renamed in 1920 after General Mariano Trias, a Filipino revolutionary leader who served as the first Vice President of the Philippines during the Philippine Revolution against Spain.

The city was officially recognized as a first-class municipality in 1998. In December 2015, it was formally converted into a component city of Cavite province, marking a significant milestone in its development.

Key historical points:

  • Founded in 1748 as San Francisco de Malabon
  • Played a role in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule in the late 19th century
  • Renamed to General Trias in 1920
  • Achieved city status in 2015

Recent economic developments:

  • Establishment of several industrial parks since the 1990s
  • Influx of manufacturing companies, particularly in electronics and automotive sectors
  • Growing real estate sector, with both residential and commercial developments
  • Increasing focus on becoming a “smart city” with investments in technology and infrastructure.

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