• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

    Cavite News

    Upholding Truth

    Cavite Capitol Dismisses Lockdown Rumors Amid Pertussis Outbreak

    In response to widespread rumors, officials from the Cavite Provincial Capitol have categorically denied any plans to impose a lockdown across its towns and cities.

    The clarification comes amidst a declared state of calamity due to an ongoing pertussis outbreak.

    According to the Provincial Resolution No. 3050-2024, the local government has emphasized that the current health crisis will not lead to movement restrictions, contrary to the misinformation being spread online.

    Residents are urged to remain vigilant against such falsehoods and report any misleading posts encountered on social media.

    Provincial authorities have also directed the public to seek accurate information from official sources, including the Department of Health (Philippines), Healthy Pilipinas, and the Health Education and Promotion Unit – DOH CHD Calabarzon. These channels are expected to provide updates and guidance on the pertussis situation.

    The Cavite Provincial Information Office, alongside the aforementioned health agencies, is actively disseminating details about the outbreak and precautionary measures.

    The public is encouraged to stay informed through these reliable outlets to prevent the spread of both the disease and misinformation.