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Group in Cavite Claims Leader Owns the Philippines, Sells Abandoned Houses

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Cavite, Philippines – A group in Cavite, known as Land Occupancy, has made a startling claim that their leader is the rightful owner of the entire Philippines.

This belief has led them to sell abandoned houses for ₱50,000 each, purportedly to help those in need of homes.

The group asserts that their leader has the authority to manage and sell lands across the country.

This has attracted individuals like Cristy, who was convinced by Land Occupancy’s promises.

She paid a ₱10,000 down payment to secure a house.

However, upon moving in, she was evicted by someone claiming to be the legitimate owner of the property.

Cristy shared her experience in an interview, expressing her frustration and disappointment. “I believed in what they said and paid the down payment, but when we moved in, we were forced out by the real owner,” she said.

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