• Sat. May 18th, 2024

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    Carmona City Police Clarifies Viral ATM Incident at Waltermart

    In a recent press release, the Carmona City Police, under the leadership of Chief of Police PLTCOL Jefferson P. Ison, addressed a viral social media post concerning an incident at Waltermart Carmona.

    The police reviewed CCTV footage from March 27, 2024, which showed an elderly woman seeking assistance at an ATM.

    The woman, after approaching two individuals, was directed by the second person to seek help from a security guard, which she did.

    PLTCOL Ison stated, “The viral post serves as a reminder that our safety is our own responsibility.”

    He emphasized that while kindness is important, it can also present opportunities for criminals.

    “As we teach our kids ‘Don’t talk to strangers,’ we should continue to apply this caution at any age,” he added.

    The Carmona City Police expressed appreciation for the post’s role in raising awareness and demonstrating the proper way to handle such situations. They reassured the public of their commitment to serving and protecting the community.

    The incident has sparked discussions on personal safety and vigilance in public spaces.