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Health Outreach Event Brings Services and Solidarity to Gen. Trias Community

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The Office of the Provincial Governor’s Medical Mission Team, together with the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and Kiwanis Club of General Trias Division 4A-2, organized a health outreach event in Brgy. Pasong Kawayan I, City of Gen. Trias on February 15, 2024, to improve community health and well-being.

More than 300 residents took advantage of the health services provided by OPHO team of healthcare experts, such as doctors, dentists, and assistants. 

The event ran smoothly, meeting the various healthcare demands of the community, and offering services such as medical and dental consultations, tooth removal, X-ray tests, and ECG screenings, for a comprehensive healthcare approach.

The health outreach event also strengthened the community’s sense of unity and empowerment. 

In addition, the event fostered cooperation between local government and the community, creating a solid foundation for future collaboration in advancing public health efforts.

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