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Flash Report: Vehicular Fire at Cavitex Kawit Exit Southbound

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There was a vehicular fire that occurred in Cavitex Southbound Kawit exit on February 6, 2024. A car was engulfed with fire and smoke, blocking the traffic flow and causing panic among the motorists. The fire was caught on video by a Facebook user named MC Patling, who posted it online with the caption “Car on fire at Cavitex Southbound Kawit exit. Praying for the safety of the driver and passengers. Stay safe everyone.”
The cause and the extent of the damage of the vehicular fire are still unknown, as the authorities are still investigating the incident. No official statement has been released yet by the Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), the operator of the Manila–Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), regarding the fire and its impact on the traffic situation. However, some news reports and social media posts suggest that the fire involved a Subaru Forester car reportedly owned by a Chinese national, and the fire was caused by a faulty engine or a gas leak, and that the fire was quickly contained and cleared by the firemen and the CIC personnel. Some also claim that no one was seriously injured or killed in the fire, but this has not been confirmed yet by the authorities. (details to follow)

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