• Fri. May 17th, 2024

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    Barangay Treasurer and Bookkeeper Arrested for Check Fraud in Imus, Cavite

    May 13, 2024 #Corruption, #Fraud, #Imus City

    IMUS, CAVITE – A Barangay Treasurer and an accomplice, an accounting staff/Bookkeeper from the City Government of Imus, were exposed for their fraudulent activities by the Barangay Chairman of Medicion 1-B.

    The suspects’ modus operandi involved falsifying the amount on the checks issued by the Chairman using a magic pen. Their deception came to an end when they encashed two checks at the bank, amounting to nearly 250,000 pesos.

    The suspects, Barangay Treasurer Rhea and Imus LGU accounting staff/bookkeeper Jackie, were exposed when the bank called the Chairman to verify the amount encashed by the suspects.

    It appears that the Chairman issued two checks in April of the previous month, but the suspects held onto the checks, falsified the amount and date, and made it May 10, 2024, when they encashed it.

    The Imus Component Police Station holds the checks encashed yesterday, but in addition to that, the Chairman recovered checks dated December 29, 2023, with check numbers 0003019519 and 0003019524, amounting to 126,000 pesos and 125,130 pesos respectively.

    The Punong Barangay said that the checks were only worth 9,000 pesos for the Barangay’s eco aid project and 1,300 pesos for internet connection payment. It’s clear that the suspects doctored the amounts and dates of the checks.

    According to the Imus Component Police Station, the suspects face charges of Malversation of Public Funds and Property and Falsification of Public Documents, which could result in six years to life imprisonment depending on the decision of the Fiscal handling the case. The arrested suspects are scheduled for inquest proceedings on Monday.