• Sat. May 18th, 2024

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    Youth Group Demands Action for Arrested Abuse Victim in Cavite

    A youth group called “Enough is Enough” is demanding swift action in response to the arrest of an alleged sexual abuse victim, known as “Robert”, in Cavite who was reportedly harassed by his teachers at Bacoor National High School.

    The group is leading the call for justice following Robert’s arrest on libel charges. They claim that the arrest is a threat to all victims seeking justice, stating that any attempts to expose predators will result in incarceration.

    Robert was one of the whistleblowers who exposed sexual abuse harassment issues at Bacoor National High School in 2022. The group criticizes the school for failing to provide adequate protection and justice for the victims.

    They also express concern over the arrest of the victim, as it allows the abusers to file cases against their victims as retaliation and escape from accountability.

    Sophie Reyes, the lead convenor of “Enough is Enough”, stated that Robert resorted to social media to report the abuse because the Department of Education (DepEd) failed to expedite the investigation despite promising a swift and fair resolution. She added that the justice system empowered the predators to retaliate against the victim.

    The group is also concerned about the potential sentence for cyber libel, which ranges from six months to four years in prison and includes a fine ranging from P40,000 to P1,200,000. This concern is shared by United Nations Special Rapporteur Irene Khan, who fears it could be used to silence freedom of expression.

    The group is calling for a revision of the Safe Spaces Act, arguing that it is insufficient to protect victims of abuse. They pointed out that despite the law being enacted five years ago, many cases of sexual harassment in schools across the country still do not reach the courts.